The must-sees

Prepare your visit to the museum and find out everything you need to know before you get here.
If you are not able to come visit and want to get to know our fantastic collections a little better, you have two solutions !

  • Here’s a guide to the museum’s must-sees
  • See our online collections for further information.
Set of gold Celtic jewellery: 6 torques (rigid necklaces) and 1 armband.
Celtic gold jewellery
Detail of the group of sculpted marble heads discovered in Béziers. Only three are shown in the photo and stand out against a red background.
Statue set from Béziers
Utensil handle decorated with a representation of a centaur, sitting on a tripod and playing the lyre. The object is made of elephant ivory.
Carved centaur handle
A gold ring with a bezel featuring eagle heads in garnet and glass.
Visigothic ring
Bust of Augustus
Bust of Augustus
Statue representing the goddess Athena (the head and arms are missing).
The Labours of Hercules section on the first floor of the museum.
The Labours of Hercules
Remains of the brick-built lime kiln preserved in the basement of the museum: you can see its flaring circular walls, the benches on which fragments of sarcophagi are laid and the central alandier that was intended to house the hearth.
Lime kiln