MSR, Musée Saint-Raymond, musée des Antiques de Toulouse


1 Ter place Saint-Sernin 31000 Toulouse Tél. : 05 61 22 31 44. Ouvert 7/7 de 10 h à 18 h. Gratuit pour les enfants.


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The museum

The Museum’s Library

Here, students and researchers in history, art history, and archeology will find publications specialized in Antiquity. Its collection addresses the history, art, and technology of civilizations from the following periods: protohistory, Cypriot civilizations, Etruscan, Greek and Roman, late...

The Association of Friends of Musée Saint-Raymond

The Association of Friends of Musée Saint-Raymond brings together more than three hundred enthusiasts of Antiquity. The association participates in the museum’s life and development. In particular, it contributes to the enrichment of its collections. Various activities are proposed and reserved...

The Garden of Antiquities

You can enjoy the museum’s atmosphere in the café in the Garden of Antiquities. You will discover its hundred-year-old hackberry and many other plant species - laurels, cypresses, and palm trees - that envelop the museum in a verdant treasure chest. The acanthuses echo the Corinthian capitals...

A Museum in a Historic Monument

Classified as a historic museum in 1975, the Musée Saint-Raymond, along with the schools Saint-Martial (currently the Hôtel de l’Opéra) and Pierre de Foix, is one of the rare, existing examples of medieval, academic architecture in Toulouse. 1523 : construction under the direction of the...

Musée Saint-Raymond, Antiquities Museum of Toulouse

Hello and welcome to the Musée Saint-Raymond, Toulouse’s museum of Antiquities. The Musée Saint-Raymond, Antiquities Museum of Toulouse, displays an important archeological collection every day. Approximately 1000 pieces recount the daily life of the Celts and Romans in Toulouse and the...

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