Musée Saint-Raymond, musée des Antiques de Toulouse


Place Saint-Sernin. Tél. : 05 61 22 31 44. Ouvert 7/7, de 10:00 à 18:00. Gratuit pour les - 18 ans. Gratuit pour tous chaque premier dimanche du mois.


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The museum every day

Researchers and Students at the Museum

The museum collections are accessible to researchers and students. To consult works in the reserve collection, one only needs to fill out a form or send an email describing the request. A meeting with the museum’s registrar will be arranged at the museum or in the reserves.

A Gift Shop Inspired by the Museum’s Works

The gift shop in the Musée Saint-Raymond is located on the first floor in front of the welcome desk. Numerous books and objects inspired by the Gallic and Roman era, as well as the museum’s collections and exhibits, allow you to keep a souvenir or find an excellent gift. A large selection of...

Plan a visit

In order to maximize your visit at the Musée Saint-Raymond, Antiquities Museum of Toulouse, plan your visit with the help of the information listed below. Opening Hours The museum is open every day from 10am till 6pm. Finding the museum Situated in downtown Toulouse, the museum is accessible...

Handicap accessibility

In order to make the collections accessible to everyone, the Musée Saint-Raymond proposes visits and activities adapted for people with disabilities. Since 2005, the museum has had the seal of approval from Tourism and Disabilities for ensuring a high quality visit for people with reduced mobility,...